This 2 to 3 day course takes you beyond the limits of your Open Water certification and comes highly recommended if you are taking up and continuing Scuba Diving as a hobby.  The Advanced Open water Diver is now released to dive deeper to a depth of 30 meters after a serious of set typical dives and dive scenarios which will include Deep Diving and Navigating underwater as a must then choose from Wreck Diver, Underwater photography or Videography, Nitrox Diver, Night Diver, Boat Diver, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Fish Identification, Shark Diver, Dry Suit and Cavern Diver as one of the many other Adventure Dives available for you to learn and do.  You will need to do 5 in total to qualify you for your Advanced Open Water Diver certificate and PIC. Apart from the fun and further experience you will gain underwater the great advantage is that with doing these 5 Adventure Dives for your Advanced Open Water certificate these dives are all accredited toward doing your Speciality of each individual dive you have chosen as they are each individual Speciality’s first dive in the Speciality courses …so not only are you gaining experience in your Advanced Open Water training but you are starting on your way to do your Diver Specialities too! All ages can participate in this ever popular Advanced Open Water Diver course; children under the age of 15 years will gain their Junior Advanced Open Water certificate and PIC!


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