SCUBA DIVING SPECIALITIES – price on application

SCUBA DIVING SPECIALITIES – price on application



Specialities are like a diver’s recognition of a vast and veritable underwater experience gained by each individual! Choose from Wreck Diver which allows you to view and penetrate wrecks within your diving capabilities and experience whilst paying great attention to your and your Buddy’s safety inside the wreck. Deep Diver which not only takes you from your initial Advanced Open water dive to the depth of 30 meters but it teaches you what to expect when down at these depths in way of colour changes and light penetration, air consumption requirements and needs for better planning on your part when executing such deep dives. Nitrox Diver which introduces you to basic Oxygen and Nitrogen advantages and limitations which allow you to use air mixes now containing a higher percentage of Oxygen than the standard 21 per cent Oxygen found in Air which in turn now allows you to stay underwater for a longer equivalent period than just plain air so you can enjoy longer safer dives with Nitrox. In other words Specialities extend your experience base and make you a more respected, trusted and safe diver! Most of the Specialities have 4 requisite dives to be achieved with your Instructor and can normally be done in 2 days. Please look at the table below for a full and comprehensive list of Specialities you can avail yourself to at our Dive Centre:-


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