Becoming a Rescue Diver is the most self satisfying learning experience you can hope to reach in your diving life! Most all people will say this because it now starts to teach you about how our bodies react to the underwater environment and what to expect by way of effects and causes of the more common diver ailments in other words you are now being taught how to deal with Diver emergencies both above and underwater.  Recognised as the first step in becoming a Professional Diver the Rescue Diver course will take about 5 days to complete with learning the various and detailed course materials as we said above either from paper manuals or as an e-learning experience on line as well as carrying out many a rescue scenarios ranging from helping a tired diver to shore to recovering and rescuing an unconscious diver from the sea bed. It is personally satisfying that you can now deal with such scenarios which make you a far better diver not only for yourself in your own understanding of scuba diving but as a better Buddy to dive with too. In the Rescue diver course we also teach you First Aid and Adult and Child CPR and AED defibrillator machine use which may come in handy even in your own household one day! Safety is no accident and it pays long term dividends not just underwater but in your everyday life to know all about the human physiology and its common most ailments or its likely accident management and Emergency First Response procedures. You will receive two Personal Identification Cards that of a Rescue Diver and that of a trained Emergency First Responder too in this course which is your ID card should you choose to use it in helping and being the primary First Aider there for any unfortunate person or persons who have fallen at home or in an office or to an accident in the street. All ages can participate in Rescue Diver course, children under the age of 15 years will gain their Junior Rescue Diver Course certificate and PIC! Rescue Pack, Manuals and Material are not included in the price.


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