DIVE MASTER – Internship Program – Dive Master Pack and PADI material not included.



This is openly accepted as your fist step and career into the Professional world of Scuba Diving.  As a Dive Master you are expected to have exemplary diving skills and a second to none customer care ability, love to meet new people and enjoy getting to know them and helping them to achieve their diving goals.  Speaking more than your mother language is an immense advantage and a feather in your cap! Knowing all about scuba equipment, how it works and how to service it is a must as invariably clients will have some problems with their gear and look to you to solve these for them…. “look to you” – key words in your development as you become a Concept Scuba Malta Ambassador for our Dive Centre and a front line representative during your Dive Master course with us.  This is an Internship Course we offer as we want to train you not only in the necessary and all important academics but we want to mould you into the success story of Concept Scuba Malta. You will be required to join us preferably early May or June and stay throughout the summer till October – our summer season. Shared Accommodation is available at a very competitive rate and you will have to have funds to sustain your living in Malta.  Daily transport to and from the Dive Centre will be provided by us.  You will also need to pay for all books, manuals and course materials and final Personal Identification card and registration with the Scuba Diving Agency of your choice. The course itself is free as an intern for which you will be required to help in the day to day running of the Dive Centre in dealing with clients under the supervision of your allocated Instructor. We will take you under our wing and mould you into our ideal Dive Master sharing with you our immense diving experience as well as building your character as a Dive Leader as we go along. Of course this is available to students of all ages but preferably you are at least 16 years old, of any ethnic background and able to clearly read, write and speak English. Should you also wish to continue toward and University degree we are able to link you up with our Malta University especially if you wish to pursue a degree in Marine Biology or Maritime Studies too!  Make the first step and contact us….and leave the rest to us to guide you toward what is best for your future in a career that is as exciting and as varied as our oceans can make it for you. Price does not include the Dive Master Pack and PADI Material.


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