Meet the Team

Concept Scuba Malta under the Management of Audrey Farrugia and  Ray Micallef – Director of Diving & Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Our Divers

Ray – a semi retired Private Jet aircraft Captain, has had a passion for scuba diving since he was 17 years old …. now in his 43rd year as a scuba diver there’s very little Ray doesn’t know about diving or our Maltese waters and the amazing Dive Sites surrounding our islands.  He is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Tec Instructor, a Scuba Schools International SSI Bronze Instructor as well as a very avid TDI Technical diver certified in Closed Circuit Rebreathers, Extended range and Advanced Nitrox, Trimix and Helox gasses too. He is also a boat Captain and loves to sail the Maltese waters in his little Cabin Cruiser too.  Ray enjoys meeting new people and making new scuba divers with a passion and absolutely loves to chat and tell of his adventures over the years especially when he is recounting stories of diving deep into the abyss or into the corridors of Le Polynesian troop carrier sunk during the First World War off our Grand Harbour or the HMS Stubborn submarine off our Qawra coastline and down to the dizzy depths on the HMS Southwold.  An engineer by profession and at heart Ray also loves trying out new diving kit and maintaining diving equipment up to the highest standards required. He is a true Son of Neptune as he loves to say with a glint in his eyes when talking about the sea … if it’s wet, blue and warm – I’ll dive it!


Susan has a passion for conservation and the marine environment. She gave up a corporate career in the pharmaceutical industry and worked on several marine conservation projects around the world, before becoming a dive instructor. She now enjoys bringing her knowledge of diving and marine conservation together around the wrecks of Malta. Susan is
always happy hunting out the smallest nudibranchs or searching for octopus and cuttlefish or showing interesting fish to other divers.


Manu Padi Professional since 2011, this French Instructor spent most of his life in the water as he started swimming at the age of 5 years old.
After travelling a little part of our planet and diving in different places like Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, French Riviera, Mexico, Manu is now in Malta, the land of his ancestors.
Trying hard to improve our environment, this lover of open spaces’ motto is “leave the dive site in a better state than you find it”

Our Team