Boat Services


These are a list of the range of services we offer:

  1. Brokerage, Ship Chandelling, Purchasing, Leasing and Boat Charter coordinators and advisers,
  2. Financing, Registration, licensing, Insurance agents,
  3. Documentation and Customs Clearances, Visa formalities,
  4. Valetting, Management and Handling, Guardiannage,
  5. Pre-buy and Initial and Recurrent Surveying and Inspections – in and out of water,
  6. Marine Engineering, Maintenance, Repairs, Modifications, Parts Order and Clearance and Servicing for all types of electrical, mechanical, rigging and sails and marine engines,
  7. In water hull inspections and cleaning,
  8. Buoy and Anchorage surveying and inspections sub aqua services,
  9. Survival equipment purchase and installation, training and international conformity,
  10. Float Plans filing, Monitoring, Contact and Air & Sea rescue Coordinators
  11. Voyage Supplies and Stocks buyers and delivery to your boat or pontoon,
  12. Boat Towing, Crane lifting, dock and yard out of water storage.
  13. Crew changes and handling, charter aircraft coordinator.
  14. Caterers afloat via our sister Company NAAR who provide sumptuous meals we can deliver aboard your boat too!

Your own onshore big brother

Another service Concept Scuba Malta offers is SEA WATCH – a big brother onshore look out help and breakdown facility. This is a service based on similar Aviation and Air traffic Control operations. While we do not plan your voyage routes or aim to curtail your sea going freedom by keeping you on specific sea routes we do offer all back up and support services, information and chart plotting and general advice including preferred handling agents and formalities in Ports of Call abroad for you. Our controllers provide a myriad of information ranging from weather and sea conditions forecasting and real time reporting, e-mailing or faxing of same to your residence on the eve of voyage, maintaining a listening watch on maritime channel 16 for your calls throughout your intended voyage while in Maltese territorial waters and providing timely Notices to Mariners and other pertinent information.

SEA WATCH as your land based look out agent also offers a service of an office for filing a Float Plan which will alert our controllers to your intended voyage be it a day trip around the Maltese Islands or a sea crossing to mainland Europe or North Africa. Our controllers will go ‘on duty’ for you once you activate your Float Plan, i,e alerting us that you have started your voyage by giving us your ‘’off the pontoon or mooring time’’. Our Controllers will call you at approximately the ‘’half way point’’ in your voyage just to make sure all is going well and can update you on weather matters, help you in calculating fuel burn and estimated time of arrivals at your destination.

SEA WATCH also provides a point of contact via cell phone and an emergency call out service should you require help whilst out at sea. Our emergency first responders are on hand to provide First Aid in cases of onboard injury or we can dispatch our fast boats and mechanics out to your boat for on-ship repairs failing which we can provide a sea towing back to your mooring or pontoon in cases of engine breakdown or a disabled vessel.

SEA WATCH can also coordinate Air Sea Rescue with local Maritime and AFM or other national services abroad in cases of a MAYDAY call or sinking vessel if you inform us of your predicament via cell phone or ship to shore call or if you should be more than 2 hours late in arriving at your destination should you have filed a Float Plan with us and not ‘closed’ your Float plan by informing our controllers via phone call upon your arrival.

SEA WATCH controllers will also make an appointment with you to view your boat or yacht with the aim of providing you with information regarding your sea safety and adequacy of marine communications and survival equipment on board.

All you have to do to avail yourself of this safe and professional service is to take out an annual subscription service. Various levels of service are provided from a simple Float Plan filing to full breakdown and emergency service including towing or Air Sea Rescue initiation and coordination. Basic subscription service costs no more than 5 Euros per meter length of boat per year and covers a Float Plan Service including reduced charges should you require our call out services. Gold membership includes all facilities: Float Plan, Weather Briefings, Voyage following, Timely Check In calls as well as Emergency First Response, Breakdown at sea and towing back to your mooring or pontoon and Air Sea rescue Coordination. Platinum membership cost 25 Euros per meter length of boat per year, please note certain conditions re vessel size and tonnage apply and may involve third party costs.

So, be safe, operate responsibly and professionally and have peace of mind that SEA WATCH is looking out for you and your Crew and Passenger’s well being while on the open seas. Become a member today, call Concept Scuba Malta on hot line +356 77651601, our controllers are waiting to welcome you on board!